About Us

Having grown up as a Cowboy, from a young age, saddles, boots and spurs were just part of every day life. Those cowboy memories always stay with you. After a long career being in sales on the road or in an office, or airport terminal, it finally came time to retire. However, I was unable to sit still very long and knew an area I would like to explore. I have always been interested in western memorabilia. I purchased my first set of spurs in over 50 years and researched their origin and history. The next thing I know I have built up an inventory of western spurs, chaps, hats, rope, saddle bags, saddles, bits and bridles, and more!

Spurs & Bits

To highlight just one area, let’s start with the history of spurs. Around the late 1700’s and early 1800’s spurs became a full time profession for the blacksmiths. Some of the famous names of spur makers include Auguest Buermann, Oscar Crockett, Kellys along with Shipleys, Garcia, Ranildi, and North Judd. As I started to build my collection my first find was a Kelly 215. As time has passed I have added Buermann, North Judd Anchor, Crocketts, and Rinaldi to my collection. Check back often because spur inventory changes daily.

Most of the spur makers also made bits, which have become collectible along with the spurs. I have also added bits to my collection. Any collector knows, the hunt for spurs and bits with a maker’s mark is what collecting is all about. Finding them helps keep the history of spur making alive!